Stanford E. Linzey, Jr.

Dr. Verna Hall Linzey

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  1. Dr. Verna Hall Linzey, The Light of the World
  2. The Gifts of the Spirit by Dr. Verna Hall Linzey
  1. Verna Hall Linzey Documentary
    "You really are a most remarkable person and tremendous inspiration to all of us. God has truly blessed you with not only wisdom and insight, but with a beautiful spirit as well." Dr. Robert H. Schuller Pastor, Crystal Cathedral
  2. Verna Linzey at 93, The Gift of Tongues
    "This is a big step in fulfilling your goals and dreams. We rejoice with you in the happiness that is yours today. Semper Fidelis!" Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC-Ret.
  3. Verna Linzey (95) Interview, Spiritual Gifts
    "I have just finished reading Dr. Verna Linzey's book. I highly recommend this book for spiritual inspiration and guidance!" Lori Holt Pfeiler Mayor, Escondido, California
  4. Azusa Street Centennial Interview (Linzey)
    "This wonderful masterpiece deals extensively and in depth with the subject of the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit." Pastor Samhwan Kim Yoido Full Gospel Church