Stanford E. Linzey, Jr.


Captain Stanford E. Linzey, Jr., CHC, USN (Ret.), was a World War II hero and survivor of the battle of Midway. He was on the USS Yorktown when the commanding officer announced, "Abandon ship." He became a Southern Baptist theologian, who later became the first Active Duty Assemby of God Navy chaplain, and the first to attain the rate of Captain among Assemby of God Navy chaplains. He was an author, speaker, and evangelist.
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Biographical Sketch:

  • 7 years as an enlisted sailor
  • 21 years as a U.S. Navy chaplain
  • Author, USS Yorktown at Midway, Baptism in the Spirit, and Power in the Spirit
  • B.A., Religion, Linda Vista Baptist College (Southern California Seminary); M.Div., American Baptist Seminary of the West; D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Who's Who in Religion in America
  • Member, 5,000 Personalities of the World
  • Speaker, Conventions, Seminars, Churches

What He Did

Dr. Stanford Linzey rededicated his life to Jesus christ as a 21-year-old sailor through the influence of his soon-to-be wife Dr. Verna Hall Linzey. Through the influence of Verna and her family, including the Latter Rain Movement leader Franklin Hall and their Pentecostal Church of God step father, Rev. Francis L. Doyle, Stan, reared in a Southern Baptist home, became a polished author, speaker, chaplain, and evangelist. 

“An exciting handbook on the Holy Spirit…a bridge-builder between old-time Pentecostals and those who are fresh in the Spirit from all other backgrounds.”
Pat Boone

“Stanford E. Linzey’s book on Baptism in the Spirit is a delight to read. His communication style leaves no stone unturned and no one guessing as to what he just said. Anyone who wants to truly ‘Get It’ needs to read what he says about Spirit baptism. Captain Linzey is both humorous in his directness, yet sincere in his approach.”

Dan Wooding
Assist News Service
Former Journalist, British Broadcasting Corporation