Stanford E. Linzey, Jr.

Photo taken by James F. Linzey
By Permission of White House Secret Service Police

Battle of Midway
Interview with KPBS

  1. The Holy Spirit Part 1, San Carlos, California
  2. Stan Linzey Television Interview, Chanel 42
  3. The Holy Spirit, Part 2, San Carlos, California
  4. The Holy Spirit, Part 3, San Carlos, California
  5. Verna Hall Linzey on National Television
“There is a tie that binds today’s Sailors and Marines with those who went before us, and that is the fierce devotion to service – service to our nation, service to our Navy, and service to our Shipmates. It remains the underlying theme of military life, a belief that we are part of something much greater than any one person. Your dedication to that ideal was never more evident than it was at the Battle of Midway in June 1942…. On behalf of the men and women of our Navy, thank you for your service and best wishes for success in all of life’s adventures.”
Admiral Vern Clark, United States Navy, Retired
Chief of Naval Operations
(To Captain Linzey, Battle of Midway Anniversary)
Stanford E. Linzey, Jr.
Author, Speaker, Historian
.Stanford E. Linzey, Jr

Author, Speaker, Historian